Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Just a Lil' Motivation For Today..

Somebody is going through a tough time right now as we speak. If you are that somebody and you are reading this right now, I just want to say stay positive because someone else is going through the same thing but 10x worse. You have to think, sleep, and eat positivity! When you begin having positive thoughts, just think to yourself, "Okay, someone is worse off then I am." To ensure you are living that positive lifestyle make sure everything you do and everything in your life is positive.  Surround yourself with positive people, people that are making a difference and doing something with their life.  You are the company you keep and if you hang around people who have no goals, guess what, neither will you!

I just want to touch base a little bit on anger and how it effects your thought process of thinking positive. We all get angry at some time or another, who doesn't? If you think about it though, what is the point?  People get angry at something that happened in the past, whether its 1 year ago or 1 minute ago, it's all in the past.  You don't find yourself getting angry at something that you THINK is going to happen in the future, unless you know it's going to happen and it makes you mad. For instance, knowing how much you will have to pay for gas because the prices went up, etc. What I am trying to say is, people get angry at something that already occurred. It was some type of news they heard which triggered them to become angry or something somebody did or said. If you think about it, there is absolutely no reason to get mad at something that you cannot change or control. If it doesn't kill you and your not getting thrown in prison for the rest of your life, let it go, everything else can be dealt with. If you can let things roll off your sholder, I promise you that you will find yourself more calm and you will naturally think positive because it will now become a habit! :)

Keep your head up and live life to the fullest! Stay motivated and determined and watch over time as your mood changes towards certain situations.  You only live once and tomorrow is not promised to you.  Don't walk around this earth with your head hanging low.  Make a difference in the world and accomplish all of your goals.  Just some motivation today for anyone who needs that extra push, and remember the sky's the limit, so "Reach for the Stars."

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  1. Wow this is a great post. It is totally true that you need to surround yourself wth positive people. That effects so much... tor mood to your overall disposition. You are writing from the heart on a topic that I can tell you know a lot about through personal experiences and truly believe in. <3