Friday, September 30, 2011

When You Need Some Motivation....I am Here

I enjoy what I do and saying the things I say to help people overcome their frustration and negativity. What is my specialty? Drawing out mental images for my readers and listeners that portrays nothing but positive outcomes.  You can give me all the if's, and's or but's you want to, but I will always have something positive to come back with. Negativity can easily outweigh positivity, but if you train your brain right the good will always outweigh the bad. I have learned that your own positive words can turn someones world inside out. Not only am I lending a helping hand, but the outcome ends up having two people smile at the end of the day, rather then one.

I have had many peope come to me feeling down, depressed, crying, and feeling completely distraught.  I've heard, "I just can't do this," "nothing is ever going to work out for me," "why is this happening to me," and the list goes on and on. I don't let myself get discouraged with all the negative talk that is thrown my way. Instead, I find a way to beat it so my positive words outweighs their negativity. You can make a difference in someones life without ever meeting that person, but having a genuine heart towards them draws them closer to you. If your having a tough time I encourage you to weigh out all the good versus the bad in your life, and I gurantee you will have more good to show up with. You can't let people steal your joy and happiness, and you cannot let anyone break you down to the point where negativity is all you know. Here is a little something I wrote to help build your spirits, I hope you all enjoy it!

“I Can Hear your Pain”
Shhhhh! Listen closely, something is not right
I hear painful heartbreak wounds, from an emotional lost fight
Did I stumble into a realm that I hear what’s meant to feel?
To hear cries for help, and express words to help them heal
Maybe I can touch, that pain that’s in your heart
And spread comfort under your skin, to give you a fresh start
You have to be strong, in this world full of hate
Because I hear your tears crying, that’s running down your face
Don’t get caught up, in yourself versus fate
And stomping one’s heart, until the life of it breaks
Time heals wounds, so stand strong and hold on
You’re the doctor in this picture, so prescribe some move on
If you could hear pain, it’s like a prisoner on your side
Just beating on your body and stating the heart died
I want you to know, that I hear your suffering pain
I’ll protect you through your storm, and cover you when it rains
Not only that, I’ll place my heart against yours
Breathe life in your body, until the pains been destroyed
I’m a special human being, the only one that remains
Not only can I feel, I can ease and “Hear your Pain”

This poem applies all around the board!  No matter what you're going through, it's some type of pain. Not just emotional or physical pain, but pain that's causing you to think inside the box, instead of out. If you can think outside the box, you will broaden your perception on thinking positive. Think of it this way, if you keep your mind in that box, you are limiting the power of your brain by not letting it interact with the outside outcomes.  All it would know is, well, inside the box. Expand your horizons and visualize every situation ending with a positive outcome.  If you can learn to do this, your well on your way to living a positive lifestyle.  I am here for any and everyone because I enjoy speaking motivation and positivity into the hearts and souls that seem to be lost.

Keep your head up and move forward in life. Remember, "Always Think Positive!"

Friday, September 23, 2011

Don't Let the Fog Blind Your Success...

In my town right now, today is a foggy/rainy day.  The skies are grey, the grass is wet, the air is humid, and the overall atmosphere is somewhat depressing. That doesn't mean your spirit should replicate what the weather has portrayed. For those of you out there who are just having a tough time and nothing seems to be going right for you, I want you to know that you're closer then you think. See, it's funny how life works depending on the path you take.  It's a chain reaction, if you think negative, negativity will follow you where ever you go.  If you think positive, you will start to see and feel a sense of increase in your life. You may not believe any truth behind my words, but I am a walking testimony, living positive has made a tremendous impact in my life.

I just want to press positivity into your heart and get you to realize that just because a situation isn't working one way, doesnt't mean it won't turn around for the better.  I am a firm believer of everything happens for reason.  Things don't just happen to happen, it happens because it means something.  It's a sign, and it's something that you should always pay attention to.  Now, this doesn't mean you shoulkd follow every sign you encounter, you have to know which way to go.  It's like following driving directions, if your trying to get somewhere specific your going to follow the signs on the road and rely on them to get you there.  You won't even pay attention to the signs that's going to lead you away from your destination. Apply that terminology to your thinking while gaining success in your life.  If you want to be successful, follow the signs that will lead you there. Think positive and don't even look at the signs that will distract you and take your focus off where your're trying to go.

Today's lesson is follow your signs.  Everything happens for a reason, but you have to teach yourself how to understand those signs. Don't quit on your dreams and your dreams will never quit on you. Remember, "Always Stay Positive."

Friday, September 9, 2011

Today's Motivation On A Rainy Day...

Most of the time when it rains, people are tired and don't want to do much of anything but relax. That is understandable but don't let the dark gloomy skies put you in the state of laziness all day long. This is one of those days where you can really accomplish some of your goals. If you have ever listened to one of those sound machines, almost all of them have some type of water sound to it.  I don't know about you but the sound of rain puts my state of self consciousness in a very relaxing and calm mood. Hence why people lean towards not doing anything but relaxing.  For me, this is a good time to write, a good time to think outside of the box, and a good time to really think about all the key elements to living a positive lifestyle!

We all know the saying "practice what you preach." I feel I don't need to practice what I'm saying as much anymore because now it just comes natural. I rarely live my life thinking negative about situations that I come across and to be quite honest, it's a tremendous feeling. It's amazing how much you don't go through when the end result is portrayed as a positive thought. The brain is so powerful that we can think just about anything into existence. When you wake up each morning, say to yourself, "today is my day and I will not let anything or anyone bring me down." Speak positivity into your heart and smile like it's your last day alive.  Before you know it, positivity will be all you know.

Todays motivation, stay dry and stay positive!  Use your time wisely and let the sound of the rain wash away the negative thoughts. Practice what you preach and you will be succesful.  There's nothing like, living that positive lifestyle!